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“Mpafi” Refuge, Parnitha

At just one hour drive from the center of Athens, you can visit the beautiful and relatively unknown mountain Parnitha, where you can breathe fresh air, escape the noise of the city and take a break from the daily routine – and if you stop at the refuge “Mpafi”, at 1161 m., you can enjoy the hot and cold beverages, as well as our home-cooked meals. The refuge is located in the heart of Parnitha and it is an organized shelter, ideal to welcome visitors of every age. Here you will not only enjoy our traditional warm hospitality, but also get the chance to discover the unique beauties of the mountainous landscape, relax and breathe fresh air and wander the only fir forest in Attica, in the National Park of mount Parnitha.

Refuge of Nature

The huge fire, that took place in June 2007, burnt a considerable amount of the fir forest equal to the 2/3 of it. From 30,000 hectares of the total mountain land, 5,600 hectares were burnt. Today the north-east side of the National Park remains green and there the visitor can meet deer, explore paths that vary in difficulty, see different kinds of mushrooms and observe endemic species of plants. Parnitha remains a real refuge for people who love mountains and adore nature. The shelter “Mpafi” provides its visitors with a traditional and cozy hospitality and besides, it helps them to meet the unparalleled beauties of the place.