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At the Mpafi refuge, apart from the educational activities organised by Trekking Hellas Parnitha, a person or a company can use its rooms and spaces for their own events.

The redecorated event hall “Pyrinas (Core)” is offered for seminars, congresses, as well as for workshops for the events of companies, clubs, unions, etc. Excellent quality of food is guaranteed, part of our tradition and our services provision in a comfortable and friendly environment, at reasonable prices.

Our goal and aspiration is the success of your event.

Having the greatest respect for your needs and your desires, we invite you to visit our refuge and realise an innovative event in the midst of nature.

“Pyrinas” was created in the end of 2011. It is a place where groups of people, students, friends and families can learn more about the environment and be inspired to take action, thus showing their love for nature and particularly for the National Forest. The information presented in this room is the result of the collaborative work of a group of young people called “Parnithistes”. Through the program “Dro kai Apodro”, under Action 1.2 “Youth Initiatives” of the European Commission’s “Youth in Action”, they managed within a few months to showcase the hidden beauties of Parnitha in a simple and concise way and as a result to highlight this simple gift of nature… the gift of wisdom.

The team “Parnithistes” is comprised of young people whose passion is the environment and any form of active participation in it, as well as volunteering wherever there is need. Every member of our team lives in Athens, thus it makes sense that one of their favorite destination is the mount Parnitha, a verdant oasis of oxygen for Athens.

Through this programme and due to their love for nature and the National Park of Parnitha, their aim is to impart the knowledge they have acquired, even to co-operate with schools that will decide to visit the mount Parnitha. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness in school students and inspire them to think about the environment.


Since January 2013 the event hall “Panas” welcomes its guests at the upper floor of the refuge. This room was destroyed in the fire of 2009 and today, after its reconstruction, it symbolises regeneration, instilling an air of strength and optimism. The hall is built entirely with friendly to the environment materials, making it cozy, warm and welcoming for the visitor.

The hall has four big windows illuminating its eastern side, providing it with an excellent view of the city, the mountains surrounding the refuge and the National Park of Parnitha.

This space is ideal for dining, for corporate events, for groups of children (e.g. children parties) and for adults, as well as for various types of activities, such as yoga seminars, workshops and any other relevant events taking place surrounded by nature.

We will be pleased to have you with us, to get to know you and share with you the inexorable energy that nature offers with open hands.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

“Notos – Vivliothiki”

While the year 2015 reached its end, Mpafi refuge acquired another event hall, called “Notos – Vivliothiki (South-Library)”, fully renovated and ready to welcome its visitors. With this hall, the renovation of the refuge is fully completed after the catastrophic fire of 2009. With great joy and with eternal gratitude to Mr. Giorgos Martzoukos, we inform you that in this hall you will also find a lending library, with books and magazines that he donated to the refuge.

Every visitor is also encouraged to follow in his steps and donate any book or magazine that is related either to Mt. Parnitha, to the National Parks, to alpinism, rock climbing or to any similar matter, so as to be readily available to anyone who wants to know more about the history of the Mountain with capital M.