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The refuge provides accommodation in six separate spaces.

  • A large capacity room for 25 people. (10€/ person)
  • A room for 8 people. (10€/ person)
  • A room for 5 people. (10€/ person)
  • A room for 3 people. (10€/ person)
  • A room for 2 people with private bathroom. (60€ with breakfast)
  • An attic that can accommodate up to 20 people, ideal for large groups of scouts, students etc. where they can sleep on small mattresses. (8€/ person)

The refuge provides pillows and blankets. However for hygienic purposes, the visitor is required to bring two sheets, a sleeping bag, a pillow case and slippers.


The heating in the rooms is centrally operated and is on for two hours in the evening and two hours in the morning.

15% discount for EOS Athinon and other Mountaineering Clubs.

10% discount for Scouts, large families and the unemployed.

For any further information or availability on overnight stays in Mpafi refuge, please contact us at our phone numbers or send us an e-mail at with your request.

Also, you can make your reservation online by selecting one of the following rooms.